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Sleep apnea is a disorder that affects approximately 18 million Americans and has the potential for serious and even fatal complications. Ignoring sleep apnea can potentially cause patients to contract major illnesses, liability issues and operational "safety" problems.

Screening: Working with your patients, we can assist with a screening process to decide which screening programs are best suited for them under your guidance. It can range from minimal screening using FMCSA-MRB guidelines to more accurate and specific screening questionnaires. Patients can self test following the self-evaluation on this website and take the results back to you, their physician, or contact one of our trained technicians for more information.

Testing: Our in-home sleep testing is totally private and confidential. Consumers no longer need to report to an outside sleep lab, hooked up with wires and electrodes to monitors, be watched over by lab techs, awakened during your "sleep test" for equipment issues or relief breaks, interrupted to have adjustments made...all which could ultimately affect your sleep performance and not provide a "normal' sleep setting for best reporting accuracy.

Our system provides the same accurate testing options as an in-lab polysomnography used by most sleep apnea testing and treatment companies. And, they are approved by DOT regulations. Bringing sleep studies to a home environment will give consumers peace of mind and total privacy for the most natural sleep apnea testing results.

Our home sleep studies come with full instructions and will be delivered to the patient's preferred address, taken at home or any preferred sleep environment of their choice, and easily returned via UPS or FedEx. We then provide the results to you, their physician and provide continued support of the recommended sleep apnea solutions as recommended.

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