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Home Sleep Study Test - The first step in receiving treatment is having a sleep study performed to diagnose for the sleep apnea disorder. Safety First can provide home diagnostic sleep studies to you anywhere in the country and in the sleeping environment of your choice. We offer the first "Anywhere You Want To Sleep' sleep study.

Safety First Sleep Solutions - Anywhere You Want To Sleep StudyOur sleep study uses no attached electrodes to your skin, you do not have to go to an unfamiliar lab setting to be wired up, no lab technicians will be watching over you or to wake you during sleep, so your "sleep test" will have the most accurate reading for your sleep situation. And, it can be performed in the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the USA where you feel at ease.

Common and more costly testing requires one overnight sleep
study, in a lab, to diagnose sleep apnea, then a second sleep study is done using CPAP while a technicians adjusts the CPAP pressure (titrated) to relieve the obstruction.

Our sleep study is simple and can be delivered, to you, via UPS or FEDEX. It’s easy to use and simply requires you to wear a shirt that places a belt around your chest and abdomen, a sensor under your nose and a clip on your finger. It's that simple, safe, and effective...and most of all private!

All you have to do is put it on and go to sleep. It is a painless procedure that monitors and records information that will determine if sleep apnea is present.

All testing is confidential and results are read and interpreted by a board certified physician.

  • 24 hour/7day support by respiratory therapists.
  • One year free compliance data download.
  • 24 hour replacement of machine if yours fails.
  • Mask of your choice included in initial set-up.
  • Integrated heater included with CPAP, some are extra on other internet sales.
  • Contact with your employer/carrier regarding your initiation of therapy and continued compliance.
  • For Industrty - Lost production means dollars lost so we work quickly with physicians to get proper testing, treatment, and results.
  • For Truckers - We know the needs of truckers and the special details that need addressed i.e. inverters, batteries, etc., and no down time while on the road..

Safety First Sleep Solutions is a subsidiary of Sateri Home, Inc. owned by Mr. Felix Savon. Mr. Savon also owns Boardman Medical Supply company (BMS) which was founded in 1982 and managed by Robin Ivany, the daughter of Felix and the late Theresa Savon. BMS provides an extensive inventory of home healthcare products and services and has locations in Ohio in Boardman, Girard, East Liverpool (by appointment only), Warren, Canton (by appointment only) and Cleveland (Twinsburg) (by appointment only). BMS is Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and is one of the largest privately owned companies of its kind in the state of Ohio. BMS also has a division, Innovative Concepts, which designs, manufactures and provides custom seating products to home medical equipment companies throughout the country and Pink Promises Boutique, offering post-mastectomy solutions or all women having had breast reconstruction surgery, including breast forms, swimwear, lingerie and more.

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