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SFSS can reduce the risk of sleep deprivation and sleep deprivation related accidents by providing screening, diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. Don't wait until it's too late to see if you have conditions that put you at risk for Sleep Apnea...LEARN MORE


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Sleep apnea is a condition that affects approximately 18 million people and 1.8 million commercial drivers on the road today. Don't wait until it's too late to see if you have conditions that put you at risk for Sleep Apnea...LEARN MORE


“SFSS” Safety First Sleep Solutions" will work with you to develop a cost effective CPAP and power supply combination to provide effective FMCSA compliant treatment for use in a sleeper berth equipped truck, in your own home, in a hotel, or virtually anywhere you sleep.

SFSS will work with you with 4 different major brands of CPAP. We have cost effective CPAP models for use in over the road trucking or for travel. SFSS can reduce your risk of sleep deprivation and truck related accidents by providing commercial driver screening, diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that affects approximately 18 million people and 1.8 million commercial drivers on the road today.

Safety First can help provide safer roadways, improve driver retention rates and productivity, job satisfaction as well as enhance your bottom line. People with sleep apnea may fall asleep at abnormal times and experience daytime tiredness, morning headaches, lack of concentration and memory, as well as irritability and depression. Click here to view videos.

NEWS STORY: ...industrial accidents represent the majority of deaths and injuries due to sleep disorders. Errors in judgment and mental capacity can also lead to significant problems in terms of financial costs to businesses, inefficiencies in the workplace, and harm to others. Click here for additional information.

Learn more about Sleep Apnea on our FAQs page.

Safety First Occupational Safety ManagersNews Story: one of the worst sleep apnea related truck crashes that occurred, the driver knew they had sleep apnea. The trucking company was not compliant and a fatal wreck occurred. Based on a study by the University of Pennsylvania, an estimated one-third of commercial truck drivers have some form of sleep apnea. The study, which was sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the American Transportation Research Institute of the American Trucking Associations, found age and being overweight were the biggest causes of the disorder. CMV facts can be viewed here.

View more about Sleep Apnea on our FAQs page.







Safety or Fleet Manager:

Having a “preferred vendor” when your drivers get a DOT medical certification pending a sleep study can avoid a host of operational problems caused by out of service drivers waiting for appointments for in-lab sleep studies..

Working with your recruiting and Human Resources department Safety First will develop a screening process to be used for all employees to decide which employees warrant sleep apnea testing. Screening programs can range from minimal screening using FMCSA-MRB guidelines to more accurate and specific screening questionnaires.

Using home sleep testing equipment provides a more cost effective testing option than in-lab polysomnography used by most sleep apnea testing and treatment firms.

Safety First can arrange on-site in-truck testing options conducted at your facility or other locations with our MeRV (Medical Resource Vehicle). We can make it convenient for employee home testing that is quick and efficient.

Home sleep studies can be shipped to your employees and taken on their time (at home or sleep environment of choice) depending on your requirements.

Safety First Sleep Solutions has cost effective treatment options that withstand the abuse of an over the road trucking environment or those requireing travel. Needing a 12V- 110 V AC inverter for operation, Safety First can create a working combination for CPAP use in sleeper berth operations. Slip seat operations may require a CPAP able to run directly on 12-V power such as the ResMed S-9 or Phillips – Respironics Prosystem. Team Operations will want the Fisher-Paykel. Proven to best withstand the water damage typical of sloshing humidification chambers in team operations the Fisher Paykel is best suited to team operations. Safety First will use any of the major brands of CPAP on the market to create a treatment program tailored to your operational needs. Providing 24/7 driver-patient phone support, Safety First knows the operations nightmares a medically out of service driver can cause for a trucking operation.

Compliance Monitoring:
Part of the FMCSA – MRB guidelines for sleep apnea includes shortened medical certification periods pending follow up on CPAP compliance. Safety first can download compliance data from any major CPAP brand and keep your drivers ready for their next DOT physical by providing compliance data downloads and information to DOT medical examiners and other healthcare professionals.

Act now and set up a sleep apnea screening, testing, treatment, and compliance program.


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